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“I’m in chronic pain” – this a phrase we hear frequently from people new to our clinic. But what does that mean?

Some people when they say chronic pain actually mean severe pain, and are trying to refer to how bad the pain is. What chronic actually means is that the problem has been there a long time independent of how bad it feels. At Total Therapy we consider a chronic problem to be any issue that has been there longer than two months.

It’s hard to live in constant pain. It makes us feel grouchy, unmotivated and knackered! It’s unsurprisingly there is a scientific link between chronic pain and poor mental health. Depression is four times more common in those living with chronic pain.

There are some things you can do to help with symptoms of chronic pain.

1. Avoid inflammatory foods – such as red meats and refined carbohydrates
2. Increase anti-inflammatory foods – like turmeric
3. Stop smoking, reduce drinking
4. Increase sleep
5. Join a support group
6. Attend therapy sessions
7. Get a diagnosis of the problem- this can help you better understand the issues and how to best manage/ treat the cause.

When someone is suffering with chronic pain we have to look at all the factors, was there an initial injury? Is there permanent damage? Are there lifestyle factors effecting the problem? Is there an underlying health condition or diagnosis that has been missed?

This is why it is so important we do a thorough New Patient consultation. We take an in-depth history of the issue, medical conditions, lifestyle and what you wish to gain from coming to see us. Most people want to be pain free, but is that so you can play with the grandkids, or do the gardening, or run a marathon!? We need to know exactly what is happening and what your goals and expectations are! We then complete detailed examination of the muscles, joints, posture, nerves among other relevant tests. Most of the time this is enough information for us to understand the condition and suggest an appropriate course of action. In some instances we may need to refer you for further investigations with the suitable medical professional.

Which ever path you choose to better understand and manage you issue we are always here to help and support!


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