Bertille Poussard

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Bertille is a student at the AECC Chiropractic College in year 2, Bertille graduated as a Sports Massage Therapist Level 3 in February 2022 and as a Sports Coach in September 2022. She is currently training as a sophrologist and psychotherapist to enable her to establish a better balance between body and mind


Bertille is passionate about how the body works, its anatomy, its uniqueness and its relationship with the mind. She is fascinated by helping her patient achieving their potential, reaching their goals and increase the quality of their life. In other areas, Bertille likes to dance, walk, swim and do yoga. She enjoyed travelling, hiking and enjoying beautiful panorama.


Myofacial release

Deep tissue massage

Lengthening and mobilisation muscles/ joints/ nerves.

Postural assessment

Where would you find Bertille in her spare time?

Probably walking down the beach, or relaxing with her families and friends.