Kayla Barreto

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Kayla grew up in South Africa immersed in different sports during her upbringing. She participated in a variety of activities that developed her competitive nature. Her journey into Sports Therapy was influenced by personal experiences with injuries, driving her to pursue studies in the field to aid athletes facing similar challenges. Kayla graduated from Buckingham New University in 2023 with a Sports Therapy degree and is now also studying at the AECC to become a Chiropractor.



– Injury rehabilitation

– Pre-op rehabilitation

– Sports taping

– Sports massage

– Dry needling

– Joint mobilisations

– Myofascial release

– PNF stretching

– Pitch-side trauma management



Kayla has vast expertise working with semi-professional football and rugby teams. She is currently pursuing a Master of Chiropractic degree to expand her knowledge. Outside of work, Kayla enjoys soaking up the sun in the summer, participating in activities such as gym, netball, leisurely walks, and cherishing moments with friends. Her move from athlete to therapist demonstrates her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others through her enthusiasm for sports therapy.