Richard Barton

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Rick has been involved in therapy and injury rehabilitation since 1993 while serving as a physical training instructor in the British Army. He retrained as a chiropractor in 2001 and has been working locally since graduation.

He has forged valuable links with local GP’s, physiotherapists and specialist consultants to ensure there is a trusted network of referral available to his patients.

Joining the Total Therapy team was a great step forward in achieving a fully integrated approach to optimum rehabilitation and recovery.


While studying at university he was employed to run their rehabilitation suit for patients and received the Holme Award for Rehabilitation Skills at graduation. He has a postgraduate qualification in acupuncture and a masters diploma in Fitness Training, Movement Assessment and Sports Therapy.


As well as a passion for sport he has a specialist interest in optimising health in the community, returning patients to work after injury and sustaining movement and health after retirement.


After hanging up his triathlon shoes he now spends his spare time cycling, swimming (as a member of the Littledown Masters swim squad) and when possible getting away backcountry skiing.