Robyn Powell

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Robyn has been with Lilliput Health since it opened in 2008. She has an honest and dedicated approach to therapy which reflects her own approach to her lifestyle and health.

Qualifications and experience: Robyn graduated as a Colon Hydrotherapist with distinction from the nationally renowned Chi Centre in Maidenhead. As soon as she qualified she set up her first clinic at Lilliput Health when it opened in 2008. Robyn is a registered member of RICTACT. Being a member of RICTAT requires members to adhere to strict international standards, including the exclusive use of fully disposable kits to assure utmost hygiene and negating the need for the chemicals and sanitising agents associated with some colonic treatments.


Also trained in abdominal massage which is an alternative and complementary treatment for patients unwilling or contra-indicated to colonic irrigation.


Robyn is passionate about practising what she preaches through having regular cleanses, a balanced alkaline diet and daily exercise.

Get to know Robyn! Q&A…

Why did you become a colon hydrotherapist? I previously suffered with digestive problems during my nursing degree at Bournemouth university. Colon hydrotherapy helped alleviate my symptoms and encouraged me to actively look after my body and feed it what IT truly needs rather than what I may want!

Where would we find you in your spare time? Normally at my local crossfit gym or running on the beach. I also love spending time with my furbaby Madi my crazy cockerpoo, I am a dab hand at DIY these days too!

“Did you know…. Approximately the average digestion transit time in the U.K. is roughly 72 hours from eating to passing!! I take my bin in my kitchen out daily… when do you empty yours 😉 ”