Robyn Truluck

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Robyn is a dedicated sports and exercise therapist committed to optimising physical well-being and performance. With specialised training in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, Robyn brings a wealth of expertise to her practice. This has lead her to purse advanced studies, acquiring a repertoire of skills including soft tissue mobilisation, joint manipulation, dry needling, acupuncture, and previous experience as a dedicated personal trainer.

Throughout her academic pursuits, Robyn demonstrated not only exceptional clinical aptitude but also a profound commitment to compassionate patient care. Robyn assumes a pivotal role in managing muscular-skeletal problems, and rehabilitation of any level of athletes seeking to return to training or maintain peak physical condition, as well as individuals on the path to recovery from injuries. Her personal treatment strategies, combining hands-on manual therapy and tailored therapeutic exercise regimens, reflect her dedication to meeting each client’s distinct needs and aspirations.

Robyn’s dedication extends beyond the confines of her clinical practice. She remains at the forefront of sports medicine and rehabilitation advancements through continuous education and collaborative endeavours with peers. Her involvement with various Rugby teams in the UK, coupled with her recent ventures providing pitch-side medical aid and rehabilitation support at the Dubai 7’s, underscores her unwavering commitment to the field.

With her blend of expertise and empathy, Robyn fosters an environment conducive to individual growth and recovery, both professionally and personally. She embodies the ethos of a sports and exercise therapist, dedicated to facilitating transformative journeys through movement and rehabilitation, enriching lives within and beyond the clinic’s walls.

Skills and treatments available:

-Injury assessment and management
-Rehabilitation and prehab
-Soft tissue mobilisation
-Acupuncture and Dry needling
-Joint manipulation / HVLA (t’s)
-General physical body maintenance for a range of —-Muscular or skeletal conditions/issues
-Exercise prescription
-Training and conditioning for gym or sports
-General health and lifestyle improvement


I enjoy training myself through weightlifting and crossfit in my spare time and when out of the gym I’m busy outdoors on land or in the water, usually enjoying a barbecue in all weather. I want to help people be the best, healthiest version of themselves and spread positive information and concepts about the human body and mind!