BASE – Reformer Pilates

Physical movement is life changing

About BASE

Our mission is to help optimise your body at every stage of your life. To bring a sense of empowerment to your mind and body, while removing any limiting factors standing between you and physical movement. We are here to support you in harnessing what your body IS capable of, in an inclusive, uplifting, non-judgmental and safe environment.

Exercise is so much more than achieving aesthetics, it is about your quality of life right now and well into your future.

BASE was born from a desire to bring safe and effective physical movement to every single body. Regardless of ability, age or size; and a burning desire to break down limiting barriers that stand in the way of every person feeling empowered in their own body and mind.

Tailored Approach

Our BASE Coaches

Our BASE Coaches have travelled their own journey which ultimately brought each of us to a life in fitness. Collectively experiencing muscular skeletal injury, ME & chronic fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation and rheumatic disease, autoimmune disease, neurological disorder and cancer.

​Through our unique experiences we soon realised that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to physical exercise. That “no pain, no gain” is the most dangerous attitude you could have towards your body. The notion we should all be able to perform the same type of movement and should have the same kind of physical movement desires have hugely detrimental consequences – both physically and mentally.

Facing Physical Restrictions

Partnered with Total Therapy

We know first hand how it feels to face physical restrictions. We also know first hand what incredible lifelong benefits come from safe physical movement, appropriate to our individual bodies, and how that quite literally has changed each of our lives.

These experiences are what unite our coaches and fuels our dedication to continually educate, and excel at helping others with safe, effective and nonjudgmental movement.

Our partnership with Total Therapy means we provide much needed physical training and support to those clients undergoing or having undergone physiotherapy and rehabilitation.