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About the Movement MOT?

In your MOT we will assess your strength, flexibility, and mobility using several different testing movements.

Once your assessment has been carried out, we will identify areas in which you can improve your quality of movement. An exercise program will be made for you to do at home based on your goals.

When your Sports Therapist next sees you they will reassess the same movements and will be able to show your progress.

Life Changing results

Benefits of Movement MOT

The benefits of improving our quality of movement can be endless. Some of these can be life-changing for keeping us moving as we age. We see many patients whose confidence increases with increased strength and mobility, allowing them to continue doing what they love.

You can see several of the benefits below:

  • Reduced risk of injury or pain as a result of bad-quality movement.
  • Improved strength, flexibility and mobility will allow your body to complete more challenging tasks.
  • No need to rely on other people or structures like chairs to help you get up.
  • Improved independence allows you to do more of what you love day to day.
  • Improved confidence in your ability to perform tasks allows you to continue doing the activities you love.

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Is a Movement MOT right for me?

If you’re curious about how you move or are noticing that you are struggling to get up independently, or even if you’re finding it more difficult reaching and lifting things daily, this will be perfect for you.

I want to get to the bottom of my pain. Is this appropriate? It may be more appropriate to have an initial assessment with a sports therapist beforehand. However, if you’re already having this treatment this could assist in getting to the bottom of your problem. Give our team a call and they can discuss this case by case.

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