Upper back – What’s the big deal?

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Believe it or not, your upper back is VERY important – have a read of our blog by Zoe Lofthouse on how to look after yours!

The upper back area is more important than you might think! It is the longest area of the back, known as the thoracic spine. In someways it is the most complicated region as it connects to the neck (cervical spine) above and the lower back (lumbar spine) below. 12 vertebrae make up the thoracic spine and it’s the only region to attach into the ribs.

This is why it’s so important! Its function can effect the other structures it interacts with. Poor function in the thoracic spine can lead to pain not only in the mid back region, but can also create lower back, neck and shoulder issues.
In the modern world it’s very easy to get into slumped positions as we hunch over technology and screens. As such, poor thoracic function is a common problem we see in clinic.

We are big advocates of improving function in all areas of the body, but here are some specific benefits to improved upper back function.

• Better range of motion
• Reduced shoulder pain
• Less lumbar and cervical pain
• Improved posture
• Increased lung volume capacity

Pretty cool hey? At Total Therapy we are passionate that we can empower you to take steps at home to improve your function. Recently we have been posting educational content on our Instagram and Facebook pages, including easy to follow upper back mobility videos. We will continue to post easy to follow videos, among lots of other exciting content, so follow us to keep up to date with awesome free content and promotional offers.

If you are finding that your spine needs a little extra help in feeling and moving better, our chiropractic team are dedicated to discovering any underlying issues and recommending the best course of action.

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for a multitude of issues, so if you need any help or advice feel free to come in for a full consultation with one of our team.

Wishing you happy upper back mobility- Best wishes Zoe, Total Therapy Chiro.


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